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Patented Slastix® technology will revolutionize the way you workout with resistance tubing.

Slastix Toners are the BEST resistance bands on the market. They’re better than traditional “NAKED” tubing for increased safety and comfort. The tubing is protected from wear, nicks and cuts, as well as from the tubing being over stretched because of the material sleeve that surrounds the band.

You’ll build strength, and tone up for long lean muscle function with the revolutionary Slastix technology.

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* Remember, buy two (2) of them to get your best benefit! *

Red bands Blue bands

Red Slastix Toner (Medium)

$16.95 each

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MEDIUM level provides 20 pounds of resistance.We recommend to buy in pairs for women to begin a program.

Blue Slastix Toner (Heavy)

$17.95 each

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HEAVY level provides 26 pounds of resistance.We recommended to buy in pairs for men to begin a program.